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Several distinguished ancestors of Companions shaped history in ways that continue to influence our daily lives. As a result, our Noble Company sponsors five hereditary family heritage societies (listed below). Hereditary societies are dedicated to the accurate preservation of history and perpetuation of the honorable memories of select ancestors. History is preserved via research reflected in books, papers, genealogical archives, and other records. Our work is ongoing so that history and legacy may be passed intact to future generations. The Noble Company also grants on a limited basis the certification of Certified Family Heritage Consultant SM to dedicated researchers who have completed sufficient training and have a track record of excellence and integrity in family heritage and historical research.


Hereditary Society Links

The Hereditary Order of 800

The Hereditary Order of the Capetian Dynasty

The Hereditary Order of the Italian Lion

The Hereditary Order of the Austrian Eagle of Franconia

The Hereditary Order of the Two Lions of Normandy





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