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From the onset of recorded history, like individuals have gathered in fellowship to ensure preservation of shared interests and in support of the common good. The Noble Company of St. Mary of Walsingham perpetuates chivalric honor through reflection, discipleship, and stewardship; its hereditary core of one hundred Companions forms a uniquely distinguished cadre of excellence proven through personal and professional achievement.

The Noble Company is a continuation of the patrician societies and noble companies of the Holy Roman Empire and Italian states. The Noble Company continues the legacy of Patrician honor and service under the ideals of Christian nobility...noblesse oblige (nobility obligates). The Noble Company's spiritual seats are Santa Maria Antiqua (in Rome) and Walsingham (England). When vacancies occur, suitable candidates are considered for membership at the levels of Esquire, Sergeant, or Hereditary Companion. Candidates are considered internationally, based on their record of personal achievements and charitable works.

As a highly selective and honorable private society of men and women from around the world, the Noble Company works in the background to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Companions do not seek public glory. Privacy serves to enhance humility, unselfish service, and the spirit of academic discussion.

The Collar of the Noble Company is bestowed at the discretion of the Grand Master to those honored with membership as Companions. The collar is a symbolic reminder of the Obligation of the Companion, to be held, worn, and cherished as long as the Companion and future heirs remain in good standing.

To these ends; We, the Companions of the Noble Company of St. Mary of Walsingham:

Join together select leaders and their families to perpetuate a unique, non-denominational Christian fellowship focused on leadership, charity, and service;

Limit our membership by private invitation to 100 like-minded Companions worldwide. We offer membership only once in a lifetime;

Accept the premise that with great honor comes great responsibility; that membership is not offered for what we have done, but for we are expected to do;

Are committed to the most noble ideals and conduct exemplified by our individual and collective acts of unselfish service and devotion to the welfare of others, and do so with minimal pomp or bureaucracy.


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