Don't be left out!

List your name, honours in the Almanac!

Worthy ladies and gentlemen of honour have long requested listings in various publications. Now, you can ensure that your name and honours are recorded in the Almanac for posterity! Petitions may now be submitted for inclusion in the next edition of the Almanac of Würzburg using the donor options below. A brief biography of no more than 250 words may also be requested. Copies of the publication or an optional, special, leather-bound, personalized edition are available for purchase.

Note: Requests are subject to review and approval.

Inclusion in the Almanac does not by itself constitute or imply endorsement by any individual, government, or entity. Every reasonable effort is made to ensure accuracy of the information contained within the Almanac. Information is obtained either from the families contained herein or public sources. It is ultimately the responsibility of each Head of House within the Almanac of Würzburg to ensure its own information is accurate and up to date using a distinct, authorised access code. The Almanac operates under the condition of strict neutrality and does not become involved in dynastic disputes, arguments over validity or recognition, or other such disagreements.

Submission Fee: $100
(Includes one title)

Augmentation Fee: $50
(Each additional title or chivalric order.)

Contact the Almanac office for submissions.

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